About Me


Story ideas have rattled around in my head for as long as I can remember.  According to my family, I would constantly babble in the car as a child, telling stories to whomever would listen.

tiny picture of me with grandparents in grand tetons

Road trips further fostered my desire to create.  Every summer, my grandparents, sister, mother, and I would stuff into my grandparents’ Grand Marquis and travel the United States. Each year the itinerary changed. Sometimes we’d head to the beach, occasionally we’d concentrate on a major city and its zoos and aquariums, but most often we’d tour multiple National Parks where we’d spot plenty of wildlife from buffalo to prairie dogs. Between the long car rides and the changing landscape, new plot bunnies constantly hopped through my mind.  At the museums and visitor centers, I learned everyone had a story, and I wanted to tell them.tiny picture of me with grandparents at Capitol Reef

In middle school, I started jotting down the ideas in my head, starting with the fantasy genre.  Of course, each of these tales had to include a love story.  A born romantic, I switched to Regencies around high school, writing two full-length manuscripts and a contemporary in college.

Then…law school happened.  Torts, memos, and the Uniform Commercial Code proved for me to be an effective inoculation from the writing bug.  For almost a decade, I switched from writing stories to drafting contracts.

tiny pictue of golden heart 2016 for websiteThen I met and married my real-life romance hero.  My husband not only encouraged me to start writing again, he voluntarily took on more housework to give me time to improve my craft.  I decided to make storytelling more than a hobby, and I submitted a contemporary novel to the 2016 Golden Heart® contest, which earned me a spot in the finals.  In 2017, my historical romance project also reached the Golden Heart® finals. Around that time, my agent sold the 2016 Golden Heart® manuscript, which has since become Wild on My Mind.

tiny-selkie-2-for-website.jpgI am currently typing away on my latest project, with the help of my adorable daughter and my ever-faithful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Selkie.